Sunday, 26 June 2016

Books This Week 17

Absolutely perfect weather to curl up with a book in my city this week. And I made the most of it

Pretty Girls- Karin Slaughter

Last week I thought Career of Evil was gory. But this book takes the cake. By far, it's the goriest book I've ever read. I should have known when the author's last name is "slaughter"! The storyline is fabulous though. The protagonist( I like to think of Claire as the protagonist though Lydia has an equal share of storytelling) comes across as really dimwitted, especially in the beginning. I think this has been done intentionally so that we can appreciate the transformation she undergoes towards the end. I cannot tell more without spoilers. Go for it. I really enjoyed reading it.

365 Style- Nicky Hilton

Loved this one. The central theme of the book is that we constantly dress for 3 occasions in our life. And we only need 6 outfits & 5 accessories to complete the look. I love this minimalistic approach to wardrobe as I think we have way too much. I like the fact that she breaks down the 3-6-5s for every season. You can simply replace one item with another if it doesn't suit you. There are other sections too like 5 can't do without items, fashion advice from her mom, cleaning up etc. Good stuff.

How to be a Parisian wherever you are

This is co- written by 4 -5 women, none of whom I've heard of before. This has got to be the strangest book I've ever read. It's full of contradictory advice & I simply don't see why they bothered to write at all. Some parts are fun but that's not enough to hold my interest. Passable.

Scandalous Housewives of Mumbai- Madhuri Bannerjee

Oh Dear God! Wannabe desperate housewives. This is one tacky book with things either black or white. There are no greys. All the housewives have primitive thought processes but tend to dress in shorts & dresses. Don't even bother.

The Double Comfort Safari Club- Alexander McCall Smith

Oh how I love this series! Now that I'm almost at the fag end of the series, I'm actually rationing these books. Thoroughly enjoyed this. I love the simple storytelling in this entire series.

That's all for this week. Cheers.

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