Monday, 20 June 2016


Nothing makes me more aware of the passing nature of time like the passing of a birthday. I'm happy as ever to celebrate but it also makes me realize that time ain't coming back & it's NEVER going to get less busy. So Carpe Diem- Seize the day- & live your best life now. After all, Kal Ho Na Ho.

I always make resolutions around my birthday & not new year like most people. Somehow I feel it's more personal this way & you are not doing it just for the heck of it. I'm only writing my beauty & general well-being resolutions for obvious reasons. Here goes

Get More Fit

I was so happy to lose my post pregnancy weight & so easily at that, that I didn't realize I was still eating for two. Somewhere along the way I started making more & more unhealthy choices. And the result is plain to see. I'm still not what is considered overweight but I'm sick of the fat rolls around my stomach & my butt seems to be 2 sizes bigger- just like that! And I'm plain tired of wearing leggings & jeggings every- freaking- where. They are so forgiving that you don't even realize immediately if you are putting on weight.

I want to start exercising again, not just to lose weight but so I get more fit. I hardly seem to have any stamina these days & get tired easily. Since it's been over 3 years since I stopped exercising, I started with walking. I don't have a fixed schedule but I walk a couple of kilometers every other day. It's made my joints more limber & it's amazing how fast the body remembers. I used to love walking before- it was my me- time. I have also started exercising at home but it's an uphill task. I can barely do 4 reps of what I could easily do 20 earlier. No matter. I will get there.

Stop Saving Things

We have all been there. Saving that gorgeous dress for a more special event in the future; not using that super expensive lipstick often; not even using that amazing serum which works wonders- you get my drift. We are perpetually saving things for a more special day forgetting that everyday is special. I'm guilty of this too- I would never use new makeup for practising looks assuming I would waste product! That's rich coming from someone who has never finished a single makeup item.
I want to utilize everything that I have on a regular basis. Hell with special occasions! What could be more special than being alive & healthy?

Experiment More With Makeup

Of late, I gravitate towards my standard look ALL THE TIME. I have my 5 minutes look & 10 minutes look & don't go beyond that. I didn't even try strobing when it was all over the place. Time to be more adventurous- especially with my eye makeup.

Start a Good Skincare Regime

I do have a basic routine in place but I think it's time to up the ante. My routine is either super elaborate or almost nothing- I want to strike a balance.  I also want to start using retinol creams.

Do The Fun Things on your To -Do List

Somehow only the important stuff gets done. We don't seem to make time for reading the books we want to read or the movies we want to see or even the friends we want to meet. I've a huge pile of movies that I've been meaning to see but never got around to. Want to make time for about 2 movies per month.

Join the 6 a.m. Club

As you have probably guessed, this is a spin- off of Robin Sharma's popular 5 a.m. Club. I simply can't do with that less sleep so I've moved the waking up time to 6. I especially love the peace & quiet at that hour & honestly,  I would get nothing done if I didn't wake up early. I may eventually move it up to 5 a.m. but currently it's firmly at 6.

I may add more resolutions eventually but I feel these are plenty. I don't do too well when I have too many balls in the air. Cheers.


  1. I am very close to making resolutions the way totally agree with the loss of stamina and flexibility with weight gain. I need to copy the 'Stop Saving' 'Skincare' and 'Haircare' resolution for sure.

  2. Yeah, the saving gene is ingrained too deeply for me. I need to keep reminding myself to use up stuff.
    Do share your resolutions, would love to read them.