Thursday, 23 June 2016

My Very Own Box- Indulgences

It's my Birthday month & I can't wait. This month's box will be made up of my favourite indulgences- chocolate, coffee & wine. In that order

Nature's Essence Choco Facial Kit

INR 150 for 42 gm

I wanted to try this from a long time. With the weather finally cooling, I think I can use this next.

Silkberry Time Control Facial Massage Cream- Cocoa & Chocolate

INR 270 for 250 gm

This one smells exactly like Khadi Chocolate Body Butter & is pretty rich. I'll be using it as a hand cream once my current hand cream finishes.

Aloe Veda Chocolate Vanilla Luxury Shower Gel

INR 180 for 300 ml

Smells absolutely divine. A little goes a long way, sadly the smell is not long lasting. Perfect for the colder weather.

Asta Berry Wine Facial Kit

INR 200 for 52 gm

Another one on my list from a long time. Loving these facial kits so much. Bye bye salons!

Nilgiri Aroma's Shea Butter Coffee Face Scrub

INR 150 for 100 gm

Picked this up from Coorg while on a holiday. Total impulse buy. It doesn't smell like true coffee but is pretty close. This is by far the creamiest scrub I've ever used. It has actual coffee particles floating around & I love it.

That's it for now. What are your indulgences?

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