Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Project Pan Update

I had originally planned this post about 2 months back so I could update after 3 months. Anyhow, posting now. It's been 5 months since I started my Project Pan in January this year. And in all this time I've actually managed to finish quite a bit. Let's start with the wins

Ponds BB Cream- An old favorite. I've been using it for nearly a decade & it's still the best BB Cream in the market for my skin type. The smell though is a different matter. I positively HATE the signature smell of the White Beauty range. Finally managed to finish this up.

Eyetex Dazzler Foundation- Somehow managed to finish this by using while practising different looks. Definitely don't recommend. Life's too short to use shitty foundation.

Cameleon Mascara- Done, done n done! How proud am I!

Streetwear compact- This was missing when I started my project. Finally found it at the bottom of an unused bag- shattered, mirror cracked & even the compact unhinged! Into the bin.

Now for the list of products I will be using for the next 3 months. Some are carryovers from last time. Seriously how much product is there in these things!

Nivea After Shave Lotion- I only used this as a primer in Jan when it was relatively cold. In the summer months,  not only does this not function well as a primer I literally want to claw it off my face. Quite by accident I discovered that it works pretty well as a makeup remover & I've been using it like that. Only a quarter of the bottle's left. Soon

VOV Loose Powder- Again I've very little left & this is all I'm using these days as it's too hot for the foundation.

Now for the things I will be adding to my Project Pan for the next 3 months

Spinz BB Cream- This looks & even smells vaguely like the Fair n Lovely BB  cream but thankfully blends way better. It even dries to a matte finish so I don't even have to set with powder. This one's pretty much full, let's see if I can use it up

Blue Heaven Signature Foundation- Way too yellow for my skin tone but I plan to use it while practising looks. If I set it with a pink undertoned powder, it looks pretty decent. I still wouldn't wear it outside home though

Lakme 9 -5 Mascara- Currently using this

Maybelline BB Stick- I've had this since forever. It's a bit darker than my skin & suits my tanned skin in summer. I honestly doubt if I'll ever finish this.

Elle 18 Compact- Been using this these days. Quite like it.

That's it folks. Wish me luck

Monday, 29 April 2019

Lipstick Haul from Cuffs n Lashes

I recently did a lipstick haul from Cuffs n Lashes. If you have followed my blog for a while,  you know that I pretty much get all my makeup from them. And I was happy with the service so far. This is the first time they've messed up with an order. Let's start

Incolor Exposed Lipstick in 02 Adding Love

INR 199 for 3.7 gm

Expiry January 2020

This was not the colour I wanted. I have a gazillion pink lipsticks in my kitty & had ordered Posh Petal- a browny nude. It was OOS & I received a call saying that the shade I'd ordered was not available and that they would replace it with a similar colour. On what planet these 2 shades are similar is beyond me but at the least they had the courtesy to call & inform.

The main reson for ordering was definitely the packaging. A sleek black metal case houses the lipstick & it has a magnetic closure. The shade I finally received is not bad, I quite like it. My problem is with the expiry date. It expires in less than a year which means it must be more than 2 years old. Disappointed.

Swiss Beauty Matte Lipstick in 212 Raspberry

INR 199 for 3.8 gm

Expiry November 2022

My main reason for this haul. I couldn't resist this dupe of MAC lipstick. Looks pretty & super comfortable on the lips as well

Half n Half Super Matte Lipstick in 02 Heaux

INR 129 for 3.6 gm

Expiry August 2019

One more thing I've been eyeing for a while. A super pretty pinky nude colour. Again the problem is with old stock. It didn't even have the outer carton & the sticker stating the shade name was falling apart. This lipstick expires in 4 months! I cannot believe the site actually thought it was ok to sell this.

Kiss Beauty Look Bipa Lipstick in 10

INR 115 

Again a dupe of MAC lipstick. The entire collection is made of nudes & I bought one that most appealed to me.

Kiss Beauty Matte Liquid Lipstick in 11

INR 115

Kiss Beauty is the king of dupes. They will dupe anyone's products & come out tops. This lipstick is a dupe of Kylie Jenner's makeup launch. A super pretty red.

Kiss Beauty Flat Finish Pigment Gloss in 01

INR 115

One more thing on my list from a while. Another pretty red

Baby Lips Lipstick in 02

INR 29 

I couldn't resist the price. This one's a happy orange.

Swiss Beauty Lip Cream in 12 Soft Pink

INR 189 for 6 ml

I wanted to try this from a while & finally got it. The colour photographs differently which is why I ended up getting a shade I have several dupes of.

Half n Half Super Matte Lipstick in 22 Walnut

INR 129 for 3.6 gm

Expiry April 2020

One more thing I didn't order. I'd ordered Matte Look Super Stay Lipgloss & they sent me this instead. No call, no nothing. The only thing in common with what I ordered was the shade number which unfortunately is a different shade as they're from different brands. Again the expiry is in exactly 1 year.

They also did send a pair of earrings along, probably to cover the difference amount between Matte Look & Half n Half lipsticks.
That's all for this haul.

I know the sheer amount of makeup on Cuffs n Lashes would send anyone in a tizzy but I expect the site to check expiry dates religiously. I also know that a lot of the liquid lipsticks don't come with any details whatsoever- no quantity, expiry etc. The expiry with regular lipsticks is only an issue because it's printed on it. If it was not mentioned anywhere I would probably be ok with using it. One more thing is that sites like Amazon sells cosmetics with 1 year or less than a year to expire under heavy discounts & they do mention the expiry. Infact I recently bought an Island Kiss Lip balm on Amazon for 100 bucks. The reason for the discount was that it would expire in a little more than a year. I've paid full price (how much ever affordable it may be) for the cosmetics I bought from Cuffs n Lashes. Is it too much to expect fresh stock?

They did admit their mistake after I reached out to them & agreed to give me 100 INR store credit for the next time I shop. But I'm having second thoughts about shopping from this site again.

What are your thoughts? Comment below.

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Beauty Basket / Project Pan 2019

There was a time when I would diligently work on my empties. And have a bunch of skincare empties to show for it. I never, however managed to finish a single makeup product though. I even started a Project Pan on my blog sometime back to tackle this. Somehow it didn't work for me as intended. This time around I came across this idea on another blog about creating a Beauty Bag & only using those products for a specified period of time. I will be trying to use up these products for 2 months- January & February of 2019. Following are the products I have selected. They are all half used & I hope I will be finishing up them completely.

Pond's BB Cream- Like everyone else I've been using this from forever. I loved it when it was on their Anti- aging range, I loved it when they reintroduced it in their White Beauty range as well. But now I'm simply bored of using this. It's mostly the smell that I can't stand. This will be my last tube. I only have about a quarter tube of product left.

Eyetex Dazzler Foundation- I bought this back when YouTube was chock- a - block with budget makeup videos. People were sharing foundations that cost 200, 100, 50 & even 30 INR. I ran out & bought this from my local market for just 45 INR. Eventually I realized that it was a mistake & the only reason so many youtubers were able to pull it off was because they were all makeup gurus. They could probably use flour from the kitchen as makeup & come out tops. Anyhow I'm stuck with this product that does nothing. First off I bought the wrong shade, all the other shades were so pale that I bought the darkest shade I could even though it has a pink undertone. It doesn't really matter because it provides no coverage whatsoever + it also has that annoying strong smell that all cheap makeup has. Sigh!

Cameleon Mascara- I don't really remember how much I paid for it but it's pretty decent. It defines every single lash very well. Also when I wash it off it comes off as flakes. The first couple of times I was scared I was losing lashes. It is water- resistant though, you can splash your face a couple of times without the mascara budging.

Nivea After Shave Lotion-  God knows who started this "hack" of using After Shave Lotion as a primer but we are all stuck with it now. It only works on my oily skin in winters & even then feels super- sticky on my skin. Now that a lot of primers are being released around the 300 INR mark, I will not be repurchasing this.

Benetton Colors- Bought this long back on Snapdeal as a blind buy. Totally love the scent- it's fresh with a little bit of spice thrown in. I only have about an inch of product left.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea- Another perfume I'm tired of wearing. Wil hopefully finish it in the next 2 months

Streetwear Compact- I've hit pan eons ago & turns out its now lost. Can't find it anywhere. If I don't find this by January I will be using Maybelline Super Fresh Compact instead.

VOV Loose Powder- Again something I bought long back. It's a whopping 20 gm of product. I have very little left.

P.S : No pics this time as my camera died an untimely death.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

ADS Pro Makeup Base Review

Highlighers seem to be having their moment in the sun from a couple of years now. Even though my oily skin produces it's own highlighter I finally succumbed and bought ADS Pro Illuminator Makeup Base. I assumed it would be like the Revlon Liquid Highlighter but sigh!

This is not a review as much as a bad buy alert. ADS Pro Illuminator Makeup Base resembles so many products that I'm not sure which one it's trying to dupe. The packaging is pretty decent. It comes in a squeeze tube with a nozzle & a lid which is housed in a cardboard box. All information regarding the product is printed on both the cardboard box as well as the tube.

INR 200 for 30 ml

I ordered the shade Sunbeam which is a pretty champagne colour. The main problem with this product is the super chunky glitter (which you can spot from a mile away). Definitely not what I want in a highlighter. The second con is that it dries in a jiffy. You can't take some product, spread everywhere you want & then blend. It will dry & you simply cannot blend. You have to work in individual sections. I even tried to mix it in my foundation & then apply which leads to stray bits of glitter peeking out at strange places. Since it's not working well as a highlighter, I'm currently using it as a glittery top coat on my lids. I don't know how else to use up this product. Suggestions are welcome.

I'm not going to list out Ayes & Nays this time as there is nothing positive to write. How do you guys use up makeup duds? Comment below

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

ColorNations Haul

As I mentioned in my previous post I've been buying makeup from Cuffs n Lashes from some time now. The process has been smooth & hassel free. This time the one product that I did want to buy was available on ColorNations only. I don't know if the 2 sites are connected in any way or not but the layout etc is super similar. Anyhow,  I placed my order & waited a good 6 days for my products to reach me. The package finally landed in Bangalore but the courier guy gave it to another girl in my neighnourhood with the same name as mine! Thankfully, she had the good sense to call on my number. Long story short I finally got my parcel 8 days after ordering. But it was not to be a happy ending. Sigh!

Hilary Rhoda Glow Kit in 01

INR 350 for 24 gm

Expiry January 2022

This was the product for which I had placed this entire order. It came in tons of bubblewrap but was completely damaged inspite of it. I want to be mad at the site but they have packaged it well. Out of the 8 highlighter shades only 3 have survived. The rest have blended into an iridescent powder which I have stored in a jar separately. So, so disappointed

Bonjour Eyelashes in 107

INR 30

Bonjour Eyelashes in 001

INR 30

I wanted to try out false lashes & couldn't find anything more affordable. It even comes with a tiny tube of glue.

Mars 5 Color Blusher

INR 300

Expiry May 2020

I only bought it for the packaging.  I have the contour kit in similar packaging & thought it would make a nice set together. These are insanely pigmented. Half of a smidgen would be great for a daytime look.

Cuticle remover

INR 15

Looked pretty. Did I need one? Hell no.

Shang Ling Liquid Eyeliner in Black

INR 85

One more thing I bought because of the cuteness factor. It comes with a stick type applicator which I don't know how to use. Ah well!

Zovi Waterproof Eyeliner in Blue

INR 40 for 5 ml

Wanted one from some time. Pretty good for the price.

ADS Banana Powder

INR  120 for 40 gm

Expiry October 2021

Just for backup. I have one more which I use. Love this stuff.

Mars Aloe Vera Makeup Fixing Spray

INR 195  for 160 ml

Expiry January 2022

The only thing in this entire haul that I actually needed. A wee bit sticky but it does the job.

ADS Olive Compact Powder

INR 220 for 50 gm

Expiry July 2022

This is HUGE! Like the size of a pancake. It might last a good 2 years for me.

That's all for now. Cheers!

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Dexe Lip Balm Review

Lip balm is the one product I have a lot of. Not that I don't overbuy in other categories. It's just that they don't take up a lot of space & are pretty cheap comparatively. At the moment I've more than 10 lip balms. Having said that, let's begin about the product I want to discuss today.

I've been lemming after the eos lip balms from quite some time now. And when I finally zeroed in on Organic Harvest as the dupe of my choice, I came across these on Amazon. Dexe Lip Balms come in a set of 12 with 6 flavours- strawberry, mint, lemon, blueberry, pineapple & honeydew. Each lip balm comes packaged in its own individual plastic casing with a cardboard backrest. All the information is printed on the back of each packet as well as on the box housing all of these. Once you remove the packaging there is nothing written on the lip balm itself, not even the expiry date. The packaging is sturdy though. You can throw this in the bag with other things & it will not open. This also happens to be paraben & petrolatum free ( in caae you are wondering about the cheap price)

INR 350 for 12 lip balms of 7 gm each

(The price seems to have increased since I bought them)

I've been using these for well over a year now & time is ripe for a review. Dexe Lip balms are white in colour but go on transparent on the lips. I love the flavours given especially lemon & mint, both of which i have used up entirely. The lip balm moisturises well & stays on my lips for a good 3 hours. It has this annoying habit of leaving an oil slick in my drink when I drink something after applying this. However, this doesn't happen when I use a lipstick on top, especially liquid lipstick.  In summers, it suffices as an overnight lip balm but you may want something richer in winters. Once the lip balm reaches the level of the pot holding it, it gets difficult to apply. The cheapskate in me hates to see all that product going to waste. So I scoop it up with my fingers & use as a cuticle butter instead.


Super cute with good flavours.

Cost effective

It works well when used under lipsticks.

Paraben free & petrolatum free.


Hate the oil slick. Ugh!

Overall, it's a pretty decent lip balm. The packaging only adds to the cuteness factor. Go for it.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Cuffs n Lashes Haul

From a few years now I've consciously stopped buying expensive brands of makeup. I have never finished using a single makeup product entirely except for mascara. It seemed crazy to spend so much money on something especially when you can get the same colour, texture & finish in a less expensive brand. Plus these days a lot of the affordable brands have upped their packaging game by leaps & bounds. That is definitely the cherry on the cake as far as I'm concerned. Shallow much?

Anyway here's my latest haul from Cuffs n Lashes. This site has become my go-to for affordable makeup. It's super easy to order from & I have always received my package in 4 days flat. I've been iffy about ordering from instagram stores for some reason. Let's start. I'm also including expiry dates for most products since I tend to forget exactly when I purchased a particular thing.

ADS Cushion gel Eyeliner

INR 300

Expiry June 2020

I've been eyeing this one since it was launched. Such pretty packaging. I'm utterly sold. Love it.

Me Now BB Cushion Foundation in 01

INR 300 for 12 gm

Expiry May 2019

Cushion makeup has been around from a while now. Last time I finally succumbed & bought Matte Look Cushion Lipstick. This time I got foundation & eyeliner. The packaging is awesome as is the product. 300 bucks for a cushion foundation is dirt cheap.

Half n Half Double Use Lipstick in 13 Peach Twist

INR 220 for 7 ml gloss & 4gm lipstick

Expiry January 2021

Another thing I've been eyeing from quite a while. You get both regular lipstick & liquid lipstick in a huge tube. The formula is the most comfortable one I've ever tried. No stickiness at all.

Blue Heaven Signature Mascara

INR 150 for 10 ml

Expiry May 2021

OK eye makeup products seem to be having a fixation with writing right now. After the ink pot & quill packaging for ADS Eyeliner, this one's shaped like a fountain pen. Like the really old ones. I simply had to get it despite the lukewarm reviews of Blue Heaven mascaras in general.

Kiss Beauty Sequins Liquid Glitter Eyeliner in 04

INR 150

Wow! Looks & feels high end. Love this one.

Olivia Liquid Foundation in 3 Soft Beige

INR 100 for 28 ml

Expiry April 2019

I obviously had to see what all the fuss was about. Yet to try

Kiss Beauty Hot Lips Lipstick in 4

INR 100

Dislaimer first. Kiss Beauty is my most favorite brand of all the affordable makeup brands. And every time I steel my resolve to buy no more they release a new product with fantastic packaging. Case in point, this Hot Lips lipstick. Been a while since I bought regular lipstick (Half & Half does not count as it also has liquid lipstick in it) it's only been liquid lipsticks from some time now.

Heng Fang Kiss Callectar Lipstick in 130

INR 100

Another thing I bought only for the packaging. And yes, another regular lipstick.

Kiss Beauty BB Moisturised Lip Gloss in 5

INR 99

Pretty nude shade. And it's Kiss Beauty. I HAD to get it.

Yanqina Stick Eyeliner in Black

INR 85 for 2.5 gm

I've heard amazing things about this one. Time to try

Me Now Soft Eyeliner Pencil in White

INR 50 for 1 gm

As you might have figured out by now, I simply don't jump in & buy trends left, right & centre. I have to be sure that I will be using them + they have to be affordable. The days of spending 800 - 900 on an eye pencil are long gone.

TYA Matte Lipstice in 11

INR 40

Looked super pretty but by the time I debated & dithered the shade I wanted (a pretty purple) was sold out. I settled for this one instead

Crazy Lips Lip balm in Pink

INR 35

Super cheap, super cute

ADS Minion Matte Lipstick in 01

INR 30

Another thing I had been eyeing from sometime now. Wasn't too keen because how awesome can a lipstick that costs 30 bucks be, right? Wrong! Pretty good & it has minion packaging to boot.

Blue Heaven Signature Foundation in Natural

INR 25 for 25 ml

Expiry August 2020

Wanted to try this ever since I saw it on a "Makeup under 30 Rs Challenge" on Shystyles. It looks too yellow for my skin tone. Will update after I've played a bit with it.

Free Gift

ADS Nude  'tude Palette

INR 280 for 11.08 gm

Expiry January 2022

I had vowed to not buy any more eyeshadows. I have enough to last me several lifetimes. But look, they sent me a sizeable gift & a neutral palette at that! Take that Nykaa- all I've been getting as free gift is conditioner from you guys. Yet to try. As of now, I'm happy to just stare at the sheer prettiness of it all.

OK, I'm done for now. Stay tuned for a haul from Colornations soon. That's it. Cheers.