Monday, 23 November 2015

Books This Week 7

Absolutely crazy weather in my city- endless rains & a sun on holiday. Perfect weather to curl up with a good book & that's exactly what I did.

The Cuckoo's Calling- Robert Galbraith

I couldn't wait to read this one after finishing the second book in this series last week. Fabulous book - right amount of suspense & intrigue. Good enough but I liked The Silkworm a lot more.

Shiny Objects- James A Roberts

This book delves into why we shop the way we do & how shopping habits have evolved over time. Every single statement & theory is backed by solid research & tests conducted on a large number of people. Although the book talks about shopping habits of America, I felt it could be applied to just about any country. Shopping seems to be a global pandemic. Fascinating read.

That's all for this week. Read anything good lately?

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