Thursday, 5 November 2015

DIY Sleeping Mask

Ever since bloggers started reviewing Memeboxes, the one thing that instantly caught my attention was the Overnight Sleeping Mask. It seemed like a godsend for a time strapped mom like me. Imagine slathering on a face mask as you get ready to sleep- you get your beauty sleep & the mask works its magic at the same time. Win- win. Since I was on a No Buy & then Low Buy & No Buy Challenge again, I never got around to buying it. My No Buy Challenge afforded me plenty of time to research & analyze every product that interested me. During one such foray, it hit me - sleeping mask was just glorified night cream. Almost everybody who used it claimed that it was like a rich night cream. Which means it's easily dupable & the beauty of DIY is that you can customize it to your skin needs.

I used the following 4 things to make my Sleeping Mask-

Lacto Calamine Reneu (anti- aging cream)

Regular Lacto Calamine (cuts down the greasiness & soothes the skin)

Khadi Herbals Facial Massage Gel- Aloe vera, Neem, Basil (claims to prevent pimples & soothe the skin)

Kamadhenu Laboratories Kumkumadi Oil (fabulous skin brightener)

I mixed it in the ratio 2:1:1 & added 5 drops of Kumkumadi Oil. Mix it till it comes together & store in an opaque container. I have repurposed an old Biotique lip balm container. I use it about twice every week & wake up to glowing skin. The only downside is that the mask makes your face a little oily & sticky. My husband complained about the chip chip the first time I used it. So now I just apply the mask about an hour before bed- this gives it time to absorb into the skin & the stickiness is also significantly less. You can increase the amount of Lacto Calamine to lessen the stickiness too.

I quite liked this DIY. Next time I plan on using Aroma Treasures Golden Glow Oil instead of Kumkumadi Oil.


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