Wednesday, 4 November 2015

My Very Own Box- November- Facial Oils

Hello people, new month means a new box. Its time for another edition of My Very Own Box. I've been intrigued by facial oils ever since they burst onto the beauty scene a couple of years back. What held me back was my super oily skin & a vague fear of oil induced pimples. I finally decided to take the plunge with these beauties. Read on

Kamadhenu Laboratories Kumkumadi Oil

INR 80 for 10 ml

Every few months, I keep getting bitten by the natural bug & only want to use age old or ayurvedic products. This is one such. I'm currently mixing this with my night cream. Still haven't worked up the courage to use it in the day time. Thankfully, it doesn't smell too bad & mixing with night cream seems to further dilute the smell.

Aroma Treasures Golden Glow Oil

INR 303 for 50 ml

I got this a couple of months back & was waiting for winters to start using this. The instructions say that it should be used within 4 months of opening. Planning on using this till February end. Will update with results then.

Vedic Line Anti Pigmentation Blend

INR 150 for 10 ml

I wanted to try the 'Radiance' blend but it was always out of stock. So settled for this one. It smells wonderful & I can't wait to try it.

Animate Facial Oil

INR 300 for 60 capsules

Who doesn't love ampoules? I can't seem to get enough of them. This one claims to contain aloe vera & vitamin E. Planning to use this once a week.

Do you use facial oils? Which ones worked best for you- keep me posted. Cheers.

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