Monday, 10 August 2015

Vaadi Herbals Lavender Anti-aging Spa Facial Kit Review

Since I've entered my 30's I've stepped up my skin care regime. One of the things I'm doing is a fortnightly at home facial. I'm simply loving these ready facial kits available in the market. Vaadi Herbals Lavender Anti-aging Spa Facial Kit is the latest one I've tried. It comes with 4 cute pots housed in a cardboard box. All the necessary information is printed on the outer cover.  Initially I had thought that it would last me for 4 usages but such less quantity is required that I think it will last more.

1. Lavender Anti-aging Cleansing Cream-  This is a really thick lavender coloured cream. I had some difficulty spreading this over my face given the thickness of the cream. I used a little rose water to give it some slip. After massaging for a while, I removed it with cotton.

2. Lavender Anti-aging Face Scrub-  This is a creamy scrub with tightly packed exfoliating beads. I spread this onto my face and scrubbed for some time. It does the job well. My skin felt really soft.

3. Lavender Anti-aging Massage Cream- This is again a thick lavender coloured cream, thicker than the cleansing cream. I took a bit and started massaging my face. After a while it actually sank into my skin. My face felt smooth and moisturized from within. I had not expected this - I had thought the cream would just sit on my skin.  Needless to say this is my favorite product from the kit.

4. Lavender Anti-aging Face Pack-  This is a smooth pack in a slightly dirty lavender shade. I applied it and waited for 15 minutes. There was slight tingling at the sides of my nose but it disappeared in minutes. The pack did not dry even after 20 minutes and I removed it eventually. 

The whole facial process was very relaxing because of the superb lavender fragrance but I didn't notice any glow or anything. Infact it make my skin look really dull although my skin felt very soft.

The big question-to repurchase or not? The scent is to die for but it doesn't do anything for my skin. If I'm investing my time and money,  it should have atleast a little return. My regular Nature's Essence facial kits work much better. So, not withstanding the fabulous scent , I have to pass on this. No repurchase. Maybe I'll purchase the individually available massage cream separately. Cheers

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