Saturday, 22 August 2015

100 Days No Buy Challenge

Yesterday I took an inventory of all my stuff- both makeup and beauty. Oh dear Lord! I have enough to last a couple of years at least. Since I don't want to die smothered by clutter, I've decided to go on a "100 Days No Buy Challenge". I've tried it before in January of this year & failed miserably. I plan to be stronger this time. I think just looking at the number 100 makes it a huge thing. I plan to divide into 10 day increments so it looks doable. Afterall, 10 days is just a bit more than a week.  Surely I can reign in my inner shopping demon for a week. Plus it's not like I'm depriving myself of anything.  I'm just doing this to use stuff before it goes bad & make myself more accountable. Okay the rules first

Organize my stuff - I used to have an excel sheet with all my skincare products along with their expiry dates. Time to start again

Use makeup every time I go out- As a not so new mommy, time is at a premium. I want to spare 5 minutes before any outing to slap on the war paint.

Paint my nails- I have a huge pile of nail paints & I recently bought 24 glitter ones (I know, I know).

Purge- Get rid of old cream based products- cream blushes and lipgloss

Stop saving my special occasion makeup- Every day that I'm alive and healthy is a special occasion.  Whatever possessed me to "save" makeup?!!

Anyone want to join me on the challenge? Comment below. Stay strong people


  1. Hi girl,totally get you on the new mommy and makeup issue. Just about manage to get my clothes to match somehow and get out of the door. But will definitely do your challenge. I have bought some hair care herbal powders for my hair loss. So will make an exception for it. Thanks for the welcome back.

  2. I'm happy you're joining the challenge. It's been 6 days since I started the challenge, that's almost a week. So yay!

    1. Hi girl, this is such a tough challenge when the new stocks hit the stores and product launches happen almost everyday. But still going strong. Hoping to make it through.

    2. I uninstalled Purplle and Nykaa apps so I wouldn't be tempted by the sales. Also, I've finished my inventory - makes me sick to even think of buying more