Thursday, 6 August 2015

Books This Week 3

Another week flew by & it's time for mini reviews of the books I've read. Here we go

1. Scion of Ikshvaku-  Amish Tripathi 3/5

I normally love mythological books especially if the author has done a good job of interpreting the story. This one I didn't particularly like. Its good but not great.

2. Age Erase- Dr Rashmi Shetty 4/5

This is like a beginners guide to cosmetic procedures.  The author takes you through all the procedures available. The best part of the book for me though, was when she suggested how you can use the same cream in different ways- as is as cleanser, mixed with little sugar as scrub, layered on as a face mask, mixed with calamine as sunscreen,  mixed with essential oils as night cream, mixed with little water to hydrate the face & even as under eye cream and lip balm. We are so used to seeing different products being sold for different body parts that this seems like a radical idea.  I love the fact that she doesn't use "Use this high end cream or your skin is done for" tone that many others do. Also she suggests a very simple skin care regime, nothing complicated with various lotions etc.

3. Coconut Oil for Health & Beauty- Simone McGrath 2/5

As a self respecting South Indian, I love using coconut oil to oil my hair & even as a body moisturizer.  But this author takes things tad too far- she claims just about any medical condition will improve, atleast partly by including coconut oil in our diets. It seems too far fetched. Also there are a ton of recipes at the end of the book including coconut oil smoothie. Ew, I mean, just ew. A spoonful every other day might be beneficial but the dosage recommended is just too much. ODing on  something good can't be good in the long run. Moderation is key to good health.

That's all for now. Have you read any new books?

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