Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Books This Week 15

Hello all. Finally broke the jinx & picked up a great book this week

The Girl on the Train- Paula Hawkins

What a book! I absolutely loved it. It's a story of a woman travelling on a particular train route everyday. She notices a family in a house & makes up stories about them- going so far as to give them imaginary names. One fine day, the woman in the house disappears & the protagonist offers to provide information to help solve the case. As she gets further in the investigation, she realises that all is not as it appears & seemingly happy people can have problems too. There are enough twists in the storyline to keep me happy & the characters are slightly demented so as to appear real. Go for it.

At Home With Madame Chic- Jennifer Scott

Another instalment of gyan by Madame Chic. The book's made up of things like- don't lounge around all day in your pajamas, don't check your FB feed while having breakfast & the like. While the points may be valid, it comes across as being preachy. One time read.

Overdressed- Elizabeth Cline

When we buy clothes, we think of the style, the fabric or even the price. Rarely do we think of how it is manufactured, what stitching type is used etc. This book deals with all such uncomfortable questions. It really makes you think of the environmental cost at which you are buying that new dress. This was a total eye opener for me.

That's all folks! Read any of the books listed above? Loved it / hated it? Let me know.

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