Friday, 25 September 2015

My Very Own Box- September 2015

I'm really enjoying putting these boxes together. Shopping with a theme is FUN. This month's box will be full of anti- aging stuff. Once you hit 30, you start panicking that you might have missed the anti-aging bus & want to make up for lost time. Here's a list of the things I got.

Lacto Calamine Reneu Anti-Aging Cream INR 800 for 50 gm

Wanted to try this from a long time since I tend to trust products from pharmaceutical companies more than regular skincare brands. It's a pearly white cream which seems to be a bit too rich for my oily skin. It comes with fancy cardboard strips to measure before and after wrinkles. I'm using this at the moment.

Nature's Essence Seramide Anti wrinkle Cream INR 70 for 40 gm

Seramides are supposed to be the next big thing in anti aging & Nature's Essence products always work for me. How fun does this package look? Yet to use it.

Biotique Bio Carrot Seed Anti-Aging After Bath Body Oil INR 135 for 120 ml

Almost all anti aging stuff seems to be concentrated on the face. This was the only thing available for body. I'm using this from past 1 week & have finished 1/3 rd of the bottle. Will update with results in a few days.

Vaadi Herbals Anti aging Cream INR 55 for 30 gm

This has got to be the most cost effective anti aging cream ever. Will try this once I'm done with Lacto Calamine Reneu.

Do you use anti aging products? When do you think is the best time to start?


  1. oye you quit the challenge.... how sad, but lacto calamine reneu is definitely on my buy list, shall buy when the challenge is done.

  2. I'm very much in the 100 days challenge. All of this is stuff I bought before the challenge started. I have enough to put together many more boxes. See how deep my hoarding problem runs?
    The Lacto Calamine Reneu stinks...literally like rotting fevicol. Think twice before buying :)

    1. hey glad you are still there. and wow indeed you do have a lot. i do too. but the thing is i have a very lopsided trash collection, lot of oils and lipsticks, and then there are blushes and eyeshadows. and then all the many fab bag samples. btw thanks for letting me know about lacto calamine renu. i love their regular calamine lotion. so so soooo good.

    2. Aargh! I cracked...yesterday. I shopped like mad on the Flipkart sale. Even things I wouldn't normally be attracted to had a special glow about them. I wanted EVERYTHING.
      BTW 54 days without shopping is a record for me.
      Totally agree on Lacto Calamine. Life saver for oily skinned people

    3. aah, i know the temptation. but i think buying clothes etc should not even count, because this was a beauty product challenge.

  3. I'm talking beauty products only. They had 45% off on Khadi products...they are notoriously difficult to find in my city.
    I have bought clothes all through the challenge. I wouldn't have survived otherwise