Friday, 4 September 2015

Days 1-10 of No Buy Challenge

Day 1 - Used 2 brand new, unused products. Sorely tempted by the Phillips Bikini Genie review. Maybe I'll get a cheaper one after the no buy.

Day 2 - Weekend! Pigged out at Burger King to take my mind off the ban. Was looking at store displays & lamenting about lack of nice stuff when I realized that I can't buy anyway.

Day 3 - Had to go to a store for emergency stuff and saw a tub of Lavender Body Butter. I actually picked it up but then I reminded myself that I can't lose this early on in the challenge.  That tub will still be there when I finish the challenge or finish my stash, whichever is later.

Day 4 - Marked all shopping related stuff on gmail as spam. Less temptation. Did a facial at home with the Vaadi Herbals Lavender Facial Kit. Also changed sheets & cleaned up room in general. Started reading "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up " by Marie Kondo of the famous KonMari technique.

Day 5 - Started to inventory my stuff. I didn't know it was this bad. Done with skincare inventory. Tonnes of unused stuff. Did a fair bit of laundry too

Day 6 - Deleted the purplle app from my phone. This used to be my favorite way to pass the time. Browsing will lead to wanting, checking reviews & eventually "Poor me, can't buy xyz because of the ban". I want to change this stupid attitude. I have plenty, actually more than plenty. I should be bloody grateful.

Day 7- Had to go shopping with a relative. I didn't pick up A SINGLE THING. So proud of myself.

Day 8 - Wore eyeshadow after forever. Have actually forgotten how to apply- it looked quite patchy before I blended it properly. Also wore Rimmel lipstick in Cutting Edge as a stain. I bought this over a year ago (after lots of people said it was a dupe for MAC Rebel) but had never dared to wear outside

Day 9 - Wore a full face of makeup after atleast 6 months. Felt good. Makeup and beauty had become a sort of chore off late. Had forgotten how much FUN it used to be.

Day 10 - Yes! I reached the first milestone. Gave myself a pedicure as reward for finishing the first stage.

Looking back on my 100 Days No Buy Challenge Rules, I have done pretty much everything except for painting my nails. Ah well...

Rules for the next 10 days

Do at least 1 at home facial

Use 2 face masks- one natural & one store bought

Drink more water- start with 1 litre per day. Off late I've only been drinking about 2 glasses of water

Try to finish Lakme lip balm in Siren ( I think). I didn't use it for the longest time because it was so cute.

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