Monday, 14 September 2015

Days 11-20 of No Buy Challenge

Hi all, this is just an overview of the past 10 days in my No Buy Challenge

Day 11 - Used honey as a face mask before bath. Skin felt so smooth & moisturized from within. Want to do this more often. Drank close to 700 ml water.

Day 12 - Finished reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. While the points may be valid, I don't see this working for me. Water intake : 500 ml

Day 13 - Filed & shaped my nails after forever. Hopefully will paint my nails this week. Success! Guzzled 1 litre of water today.

Day 14 - Did a at home facial with Nature's Essence Diamond Facial Kit. Love the way my skin feels after this. Drank about 700 ml of water.

Day 15 - Read some reviews & was tempted by a few. Have added the products I liked to my "Want" list. If I still want the stuff at the end of the ban, I will buy them. Totally forgot about the water thing- just drank 2 glasses of water.

Day 16 - Wore Streetwear Pink Persuasion lipstick after a long time. Wow, Streetwear has come a long way- lovely lipstick. Back on track- 1 litre of water today.

Day 17 - Used my Nature's Essence Bridal Glow Face Pack. Watched Drishyam to distract myself from shopping. Drank 800 ml of water

Day 18 - Girls Night Out! Wore Streetwear lipgloss in Party Melon. I had been alternating between Maybelline MAT 1 & MAT 2 lipsticks from a long time. Poor water intake at just 200 ml.

Day 19 - Finally tried oil pulling with castor oil. My teeth are looking rather yellow due to my black coffee habit. Exceeded my limit by drinking 1.2 litres of water. Yay!

Day 20 - Yes! Yes! I'm gonna make it through this time. I feel it in my bones. Wore blush (Faces Pink Topaz) after an eternity. Level up!

Rules for the next 10 days

Learn to use a beauty accessory that I've ignored so far. I think I'll start with the eyelash curler. This thing scares me & has been sitting in my beauty drawer since 4 years.

Reorganize my wardrobe. I've been hanging all my clothes willy nilly but I only have 1 rod in my wardrobe. I think stacks are the way to go especially for t-shirts and kurtas.

How far have you gotten in the No Buy Challenge?

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