Monday, 5 December 2016

Project Pan

I've always liked the idea of starting a Project Pan. The deal is to finish products that I've hit pan on & thus finish more stuff. While it sounded good on paper, I was super apprehensive to actually start it. What if, like always I wouldn't manage to finish anything?

Nevertheless, I really want to finish using my makeup. After I gathered all my half empty products, I realized they all belonged to the same family- base makeup. Let's not get totally crazy & try to finish lipstick. That'll take an eternity.

Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact in Golden Medium 3

INR 200 for 8 gm

I've hit pan on this in December 2015 but it's showing no signs of dying. How much stuff is in this thing! 8gm doesn't sound like a lot but it's taking freaking forever to finish. One of the reasons I took such a long time to hit pan was because I absolutely hated the finish of this product. Halfway through, I realized the problem was the applicator- what a terrible puff! I've since switched to a brush & am galloping away towards the finish line. Hope to include this in the next empties post.

Streetwear Color Rich Perfection Compact in Neutral

INR 275 for 7 gm

I love everything about this compact - the colour matches to a T, the puff is decent & the packaging is cute. I hit pan about a month back. I keep this in my bag & use only for touch-ups or when I'm travelling. Gonna take significantly longer to finish this.

Garnier BB Cream

INR 99 for 18 gm

I don't really like this too much which is why it's taking so long to finish. It gives a dewy finish to my face which I have to set with powder. Too many steps for something that gives little to no coverage. It fares better in the colder months though. Hoping to finish it this winter.

L'oreal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer

INR 995 for 15 ml

The first & only primer I've ever used. It smoothes skin & makes my makeup last much longer. I've almost hit bottom-I can see the base but not quite.

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse in Pure Beige Medium 2

INR 650 for 30 ml

I LOVE this stuff. The colour matches to a T & photographs well. I've finished about half of this & I thought it would be a great idea to buy a backup. So now, I have one & half bottles of this foundation. Chipping away steadily- let's see how long it takes.

Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation

INR 125 for 27 ml

The colour is a tad too pale for my skin & way too yellow. I use this only when I'm practicing looks. About halfway through this.

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer in Honey Miel

INR 600 for 1.5 ml

I hopped onto the concealer bandwagon really late but I'm blown away by what a difference it makes. I absolutely love it & I'm about halfway through this one as well.

No Name Concealer Palette

I bought this off ebay for just 4 $. There are a wide variety of colours along with 3 corrector shades. The texture is buttery smooth & blends well. I don't know how long it will take to finish this- too much product. I've not really hit pan on this but it's been a while since I bought it & I just want to use it.

Have any of you tried doing a Project Pan? Did it help? Comment below.

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