Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Makeup Haul

I've never really done a haul post before mainly because I've been trying to finish the shit I already have. But its been close to 2 years since I bought any new makeup & frankly, the stuff's been calling out to me. The only difference is in the way I shop- I've reasoned & researched before every single purchase, whittling away at my wishlist until it was just what I needed. Also I've stopped being such a brand snob- no point spending big bucks if the quality is same & you are anyway going to junk it in 2 years with 3/4th of the product unused. Sigh! Girl problems

Castillo Eyeliner in Black, Grey, Taupe, Teal, Golden, Chocolate Brown

INR 325 for 3 gm each

I've never heard of this brand before but it had glowing reviews + it claims to be made in Germany. All the eyeliners I've used before which were manufactured in Germany have been stellar. Also, I simply couldn't pass up an opportunity to have so many colours. The eyeliners are well pigmented, smooth & an absolute breeze to apply. They last for 6+ hours after which there is a bit of fading but it does not migrate anywhere else. While I love all the other colours, the grey and taupe ones make me look ill. Nevertheless, good purchase.

Coloressence Intense Long Wear Liquid Lip Colour in Rose Petal

INR 350 for 8 ml

After watching the swatch video on YouTube countless times, I zeroed in on Antique Ruby & Rose Petal. Somehow, at the last minute I felt Rose Petal would be more wearable & ended up buying it. And thank heavens for that- the lip colour is super vivid & does not budge. At all. It is a wee bit drying on my lips but nothing horrendous. It dries to a matte finish & I'm madly in love with this colour.

Arezia Matte Me Lipstick in Skin Kiss

INR 250 for 6 ml

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that matte lips have been in for a while. I initially wanted to buy the Chambor one but the price tag put me off. Am glad I bought this - it's the perfect nude shade for me. It is drying like all other matte lip products. Nothing unmanageable though.

Me Now Kajal in Black, Emerald Green, Brown, Sky Blue, Sapphire Blue, Caterpillar Green

INR 300 for 4.2 gm each

Another unheard of brand though there are a fair bit of reviews on YouTube. Simply love these kajals. They stay put for about 4+ hours after which they fade a bit but there is hardly any smudging. The sapphire blue is my favorite of the lot.

Maybelline White Superfresh Compact in Coral

INR 150 for 8 gm

I'm not running out of compacts anytime soon but I couldn't resist it at just 100 bucks. Not used yet & will not be opening this until my existing compacts finish.

Elle 18 Glow Compact in Marble

INR 150 for 8 gm

Another 100 INR purchase. Like I said before, I like a good bargain.

I also bought 6 ADS lipsticks (there are no half measures with me) but seem to have misplaced them somewhere. Will post them separately. Have you bought anything lately?

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