Friday, 4 November 2016

September & October Empties

Hello all, Sorry for disappearing yet again. Last time I did a combined empties post for 2 months due to time constraints. Turns out I want to continue doing just that. For starters, there are more number of empties generated. Plus it feels good to see so many finished products together. I get a psychological high from that. Honestly, I was getting a serious complex seeing other bloggers' empties. How in hell do they finish so many products? Anyhow, this whole empties post once in 2 months is going to be the new normal. Let's start

KPN Neelibhringadi Coconut Oil

INR 85 for 100 ml

I need to use coconut oil for my super dry hair or else I develop dandruff quite easily. I was on the lookout for a coconut based hair oil that contained Bhringaraj. I've used the Baidyanath Bhringaraj Hair Oil earlier with stellar results except for 1 tiny problem. It has a castor oil base which does nothing for my dandruff prone scalp. This one ticks all the boxes. While I'm not able to discern anything noticeable as far as my hair health is concerned, it has taken care of my dandruff like a boss. Have already repurchased another bottle.

Chik Hairfall Prevent Shampoo Sachets x 3

INR 1 for 6 ml

Just bought a few sachets to try out this shampoo. I'm trying to use more products from Indian companies & hence this experiment. Good enough but not great. Might not repurchase.

Sunsilk Jasmine Black Shampoo Sachet

INR 1 for 5.5 ml

My HG shampoo. Still have a few more sachets. I prefer buying many sachets instead of a giant bottle. Its easier to chip away at & comes in handy while travelling.

Clean & Clear Pimple Clearing Face Wash

INR 55 for 40 ml

Leaves my skin feeling overdry & tight though it does seem to help with pimples. No repurchase.

Vaadi Herbals Mint Lip Balm

INR 25 for 6gm

I'm so glad I bought this. Its become my new HG lip balm. It moisturises well & smells amazing. Infact, I seem to reach for my lip balm less often while using this- one of the reasons it took forever to finish. Also it doesn't leave an oily film in your drink when you sip something- another of my pet peeves. All in all, superstar. I have 2 more variants of the same.

Streax Perfumed Body Mist in Refreshing Lily Vanilla

INR 120 for 100 ml

Decent body mist but definitely something you can give a miss if you are a regular perfume user like me. Will be repurposing this spray bottle to store my toner. I had bought a set of 3 -1 more to go.

Lacto Calamine Lotion

INR 160 for 120 ml

My lifeline. I don't even know how I will function without this. Will repurchase forever.

Astaberry Wine Facial Kit

INR 200

My new favorite facial kit. I like the fact that all tubes except for the cleanser finished at the same time. Will be buying the bigger size next time.

Nature's Essence Diamond Face Cleanser Oxygel

40 gm (Full set costs INR 700)

Part of the facial kit. After the face pack, this is the second product to finish from the set. Decent enough but no repurchase. I'm bored of the scent.

VOV Perfume Polish Cleanser

100 ml (Don't remember the price)

Love this. It can handle the most vivid colours & even glitter with consummate ease. Have bought a different variant.

Discarding a few products this month

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in All Fired Up

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Addictive Magenta

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Brick- o- la

Love all of these colours but they have gotten really hard over time, almost like crayons. It's difficult to apply smoothly even after applying lip balm. Does anyone know how to make them soft again? I really love the colours & the staying power and definitely don't want to throw them away. If wishes were horses eh?

V color Nail Polish Remover Pads

INR 45 for 40 wipes

These are terrible. More than half the wipes dried up completely & became useless. Still have one more of this.

So that's that. How many products have you finished lately?

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