Thursday, 11 August 2016

June &July Empties

Hi all, life's been crazy busy & I simply couldn't do an empties post for June. So I'm doing a combined empties post for both June & July. Let's begin

Indulekha Coconut Milk Shampoo

INR 135 for 100 ml

Ho-hum shampoo, does nothing for my hair. But the real culprit is the smell. Who uses the scent of lime on a supposedly coconut milk shampoo? No repurchase.

Sunsilk Jasmine Black Shampoo Sachet

INR 1 for 5.5 ml

Love this. Will repurchase forever.

Head & Shoulders Conditioner

INR 4 for 7.5 ml

I generally don't use conditioner but I've a bunch of these sachets I got free with something. Trying to use up. Still have several more to finish.

Khadi Herbals Aloe Vera, Neem & Basil Facial Massage Gel

INR 180 for 100 gm

I'm in two minds about this gel. While I love the smell & texture of this, it somehow imparts a very sticky, shiny look to my face. Mind you, it only looks shiny - it's dry to the touch. Maybe it will look glowy on people with dry skin. Anyhow, I used it up by mixing with an equal quantity of Lacto Calamine & surprise, surprise! The concoction works amazingly well on lines. The lines on my neck were less visible & altogether disappeared on continuous use. I might repurchase after I finish the gels in my stash. I still have a few more to work through.

Vaadi Herbals Olive Facial Bar x2

INR 34 for 25 gm

No good as a facial bar so I'm simply using it as soap. 2 down, just 1 more to go. Hallelujah!

Khadi Herbals Sandalwood Massage Oil

INR 150 for 210 ml

Love the scent of this - very subtle sandalwood. The oil though, I'm not impressed with. It's just mineral oil & doesn't moisturize effectively. No repurchase.

Khadi Herbals Lavender & Ylang Ylang Body Wash

INR 130 for 210 ml

Got this on a BOGO offer. Love the scent, the brilliant colour & the way it cleans without drying but after using 2 bottles, I'm looking for a change. No repurchase in the near future.

Fiama Di Wills Gel Bar Mild Dew (Peach & Avocado)

INR 60 for 125 gm

Love this. I feel like I'm using a luxurious product. Whoever came up with the name Mild Dew, I read it as mildew. Every. Single. Time.

Vaadi Herbals Lemongrass & Lily Body Oil

INR 65 for 50 ml

This is especially useful on days you want to wake up instantly. Love the zingy scent & it moisturizes better than the Lavender variant- probably due to the olive oil it contains. Will be buying the bigger bottle next time.

Biocare Foot Scrub with Apricot,  Jojoba & Organic Rosemary

INR 180 for 500 ml

Biocare products are total value for money. The products work decently & given the price & quantity, you simply can't complain. It has a subtle scent & is super effective at scrubbing away dead cells. I also used it as a body scrub because let's face it - there was no way in hell I was going to finish it by using only on my feet. Love this. Will buy a different variant next time.

Moving on to the decluttering. Getting rid of some makeup this time

Maybelline Expert Wear Blush in Berry Sorbet

Don't remember the price, it's ancient

My very first blush -a dusty pink colour that looked natural on me. I've moved on to newer loves & this one was lying forgotten in the very depths  of my vanity. Time to bid adieu.

MAC Cream Color Base in Hush

INR 1150 for 3.2 gm

My most expensive makeup purchase. Also my most expensive makeup mistake. I went to MAC looking for their legendary paint pots. As always it was OOS. The SA convinced me that the CCB worked the same way as the paint pots. Total fail! It creases like crazy on my lids. And since I have oily skin, my skin produces its own highlighter. I have no use of this product & after staring at it morosely for 5 odd years, I've finally gathered the courage to get rid of it.

Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm in Pink Guava

INR 149 for 4.8 gm

Aargh! The only thing I hate more than glitter in lipstick is glitter in lip balms. These Nivea lip balms never cut it for me anyway- with or without glitter.

So many products, so little time. Still have about half of my stash to empty. Cheers.

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