Thursday, 8 September 2016

Astaberry Wine Facial Kit Review

Hello people, I have spoken before about my love for facial kits. It has only grown in the year since I've started using them. The latest one in my vanity is Astaberry Wine Facial Kit. Wine facials were all the rage a while back & I'm thrilled that I can indulge in the same in the comfort of my home.

INR 200 for 52 gm

Astaberry Wine Facial Kit is packaged in a wine coloured cardboard box with all the necessary details on it like contents, expiry date etc. The individual tubes are nestled in a plastic tray inside along with the free gift. I got a Fruit Face wash free with this pack. Judging by the size, I think I can do about 4 facials with this. Cost effective, right? The facial kit consists of 4 steps

1. Wine Cleanse  12 gm

This tube actually had a metallic seal like most medicines. It is a transparent, runny gel which lathers well & cleans the face without over drying. It has a pleasant, fruity fragrance which I loved. This is the only tube with a seal - probably due to the runny nature of the gel.

2. Wine Scrub  12 gm

This is a super creamy scrub with mild granules. It is very gentle on the skin. Unlike other creamy scrubs, this one does not linger forever on the skin & washes away easily. My skin looks brighter immediately after using this.

3. Wine Creme  12 gm

The wine cream is really thick & it's quite difficult to spread it evenly on the face. I recommend not drying your face after washing away the scrub or using some rose water. I experienced mild tingling around my nose (this happens with most products with me). The cream did not sink into my skin after about 10 minutes of massaging.

4. Wine Pack  16 gm

This step consists of a clay-based mask which is again really difficult to spread. I mixed it with a little rose water for convenience. I let it dry & then rinsed off the mask. I could notice a glow immediately.

I have to say, I'm pretty pleased with the result of this facial kit. I had never heard of this brand before & only had positive reviews on shopping websites to go by.


Smells pleasant

Difference is noticeable immediately after facial- pores are smaller, skin is smoother & there's a subtle glow. Skin looks better when used regularly.

The tubes are actually numbered in the sequence they are supposed to be used in.

Not tested on animals.


The outer carton is HUGE. Comparatively the amount of product you get appears less.

Other than Nature's Essence facial kits, this is the only other brand that has shown promising results. Will be buying the bigger pack next time.

Are home facials a part of your skincare routine?

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