Wednesday, 6 January 2016

December Empties

Empties!  I'm so obsessed with them that I check my product excel sheet multiple times a week. Let's start with last month's empties

Vaadi Herbals Lavender Anti- aging Spa Facial Kit

INR 275 for 70 gm

Love the smell but it seems to do precious little for my skin. No repurchase.

Lux Scarlet Blossom Body Wash

INR 125 for 240 ml

OMG i'm in  love with the smell & it cleanses well without drying. Obviously buying again

Vaadi Herbals Blueberry Facial Bar

INR 34 for 25 gm

These facial bars are a total disappointment. Just trying to finish the ones I've bought

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula

INR 700 for 200 gm

Love! This one was a life saver this winter. Still trying to find something that lives up to this body butter.

Vaadi Herbals Anti aging Cream

INR 55 for 30 gm

Super heavy cream for my oily skin. It sits like a heavy blanket. I only managed to finish this by mixing equal quantity of aloe vera gel. No way in hell.

Nature's Essence Bridal Hand Cream

INR 175 for 100 gm

This was part of a Manicure/Pedicure kit. The hand cream is great especially for dry hands. I might buy again

2 Bath Foams

Lest we forget,  I'm still steadily chipping away at my considerable hotel stash. Managed to finish 2 Body Washes this time.

Now for the decluttering bit

Parachute After shower Non- sticky Hair Cream

INR 40 for 50 gm

I confess, I did love this when I first got it but now, the masculine scent is getting on my nerves. It is still a good product but no repurchase.

Eyetex Dazzler Eyeliner

INR 35 for 6.5 ml

Mastering liquid liner is not on the cards for me. Also I have unevenly hooded eyes- liquid liner only seems to highlight this even more. No more liquid liner.

Maybelline Cranberry Cocktail Lipgloss

INR 250 for 6.8 ml

I have been steadily moving away from glosses from sometime. I would rather wear a red lipstick as a stain & top with clear gloss.

Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Papaya

INR 475 for 5.9 ml

Beautiful colour but simply does not translate onto my lips & I do hate the huge applicator.  Also smelling a bit off.

We're done for this month. Any new beauty resolutions?

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