Friday, 9 October 2015

September Empties

This is by far my shortest Empties post. Let's dive straight in

Bio oil INR 450 for 60 ml

Had bought it a while back to treat stretch marks. Boy, is it expensive! By their own admission, it needs to be used consistently twice a day for about 3 months, to notice a difference. Since I was never going to follow through on this I just finished it up by using as a body oil. It does moisturize really well but I can get better ones at lesser price. No repurchase.

Castor oil INR 90 for 200 ml

Bought it a long time back to do Oil Cleaning Method. It's supposed to be THE oil to use on oily skin. But I simply didn't like the way this felt on my skin- it's super thick. Finished it by doing oil pulling on my rather yellow teeth.

I also finished a 100 ml bottle of Parachute Body Lotion but left it at my mom's place. I may be cuckoo enough to collect & photograph my trash; but I'm not so far gone as to carry it with me.

Until next time.

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