Friday, 9 October 2015

50 Days of No Buy Challenge

Hi all, today is my 50th day in the 100 days no buy challenge. The journey so far has been difficult & plain painful on some days. Only a hoarder will know the pain of not buying when there are sales pretty much everywhere. Thankfully, I had a ton of products (which necessiated the challenge in the first place) before i started the challenge. This made putting together my "boxes" easier but also more challenging. I had to look for themes within what I already had.

Anyhow after all these days, I'm happy that my clutter is visibly reducing. And I'm using it, not giving it away or throwing it away. This is a huge deal to me. I would almost always give away stuff that didn't suit me. Now I've learn to make it work. If a cream is too rich, I add Aloe Vera gel to make a gel cream;if it's too greasy, I add Lacto Calamine. I feel euphoric when i manage to finish even a single product. All the normal people out there might do this on a regular basis but hoarders like me only collect & don't use.

The only way I managed to stay on track is by redoing my wardrobe. In the past 50 days, I have organised my wardrobe & gotten rid of old clothes. I also updated my wardrobe by buying pieces that I felt were missing. I think, we Indian girls are spoilt for choice when it comes to clothes. Anyhow, I bought a golden blouse, a gown, a salwar set, a kurta, a few tops & a saree. Yeah, I know. I OD in everything.

Coming to the next 50 days of the challenge, I want to buy only the necessities. No makeup, no clothes & no skincare. Heaven knows, I have enough to last a long while. It's going to be tough but I think it will be for the better. I want to cut down my skincare stuff by half, by using-not by throwing away. Binning it is the easy way out. I want this to be a lesson for me - If I buy I have to use.

Wish me luck.

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