Friday, 16 October 2015

Biotique Bio Carrot Seed Anti Aging After Bath Body Oil Review

Hi all, I'll be reviewing the Biotique Bio Carrot Seed Anti Aging After Bath Body Oil today. I've beeen using this oil for the past month & it's time to articulate my thoughts.

Biotique oil comes in the regular Biotique bottle with a twist cap. It also has an inner stopper with a small hole to prevent spillage. The bottle is sturdy & oil doesn't leak out. All necessary details are on the bottle label. The entire bottle has a plastic covering for extra safety.

INR 135 for 120 ml

The oil is pale yellow in colour & completely non sticky. It has a very faint smell that smells a bit like men's shaving cream. In any case it disappears fairly quickly. The oil gets absorbed pretty soon & does not stain my clothes. It also keeps my skin moistuised through the day. After using it continuously for a month, my skin texture seems to have improved. It's looking firmer & more even. After my pregnancy, my body looked like a war zone, especially my abdomen. I'm quite happy with the results.


Non sticky, non staining & moisturises for a long time. What more do you want?

Cost effective

Improved appearance of my skin, especially tummy area


After a few days, my clothes started smelling vaguely oily (even after washing).I find this really strange because the oil doesn't smell well, like oil.

A look at the ingredient list will tell you that the main ingredient is peanut oil. I think I can make a much better version at home.

Repurchase? Not at the moment. Will consider it after I've whittled down my considearable stash.Cheers.

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