Monday, 27 July 2015

Books This Week 2

Hi, time for mini reviews of books again. These are the books I finished reading this week

1. We Were Liars- E Lockhart 5/5

Fabulous book. I love the way the author uses different adjectives to describe different characters.  Also I'm in awe of the way fairy tales are used to describe the protagonis's current situation.  Love! The suspense keeps you on you toes till the very end. I almost didn't want the book to end.

2. How To Get Dressed- Allison Freer 4/5

Useful book for anyone staring at the wardrobe thinking "I've got nothing to wear". The author is a Hollywood stylist who takes you through the entire process- right from segregating your wardrobe to arranging stuff so its easily accessible. The book is peppered with funny real life stories. She also teaches you to care for your clothes - decoding the washing instructions, actually washing,  how to get rid of stains & how dry cleaning is not actually necessary. I love how detailed it is. Definitely dipping back into this one.

3. Daddy Long Legs- Jean Webster 4/5

Super charming,  old world type story. The entire novel is made up of letters written by the protagonist over the course of a few years. I love how simple it is. I could guess the ending easily but  that didn't take away anything from the book. If you loved "Little Women", you'll love this too.


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