Monday, 15 June 2015

My Very Own Box- June 2015

I don't particularly get the idea of these beauty boxes. You know the ones I am talking about- you pay a sum & someone, somewhere decides randomly what you might like & sends it to you. What are the odds of you liking what you get? Isn't it better to buy stuff yourself without getting the mandatory pouch. What the hell do you do with so many pouches anyway? So I decided to buy stuff for myself every month; & just because we are so big on themes, I'll have a theme for them as well. This month's theme : All Natural. Also, the products have to amount to less than 1000. I'm calling it "My Very Own Box". Here's the stuff I got this month

1. Khadi Sandal Massage Oil INR 135 - Love this. It has a subtle scent which lingers for a couple of hours. I'm using it as a body oil. Not overly moisturizing not sticky either

2. Khadi Neem Basil Massage gel INR 162 - This is just glorified aloe vera gel but I quite like it. Non sticky, it moisturizers my oily skin well. Plus I love the scent.

3. Khadi Chocolate Body Butter INR 126 - Super yummy scent. I'm using it as a hand cream for my really dry hands. LOVE

4. Khadi Nagchampa Bath Salt INR 270 - Ugh! This was hate at first whiff. It smells like a really strong agarbatti. Haven't gotten around to using this.

I'm quite happy with this experiment. Hoping to create a lot more "boxes" for myself. Cheers.

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