Wednesday, 16 March 2016

My Very Own Box - O for Orange

Spring is here in my city. Heck it's full blown summer but spring sounds more romantic. Keeping up with the spirit of spring/ summer this month's box will contain only orange coloured products

L'oreal 6 Oil Nourish Extraordinary Oil

INR 199 for 100 ml

Was tempted to buy this from a long time, finally succumbed. The smell is a tad too strong for my liking & the packaging is pretty meh. Why do things only look pretty until you buy them?!

Magic Orange Scrub Soap

INR 30 for 75 gm

I love the scent of orange & I HAVE to buy anything with scrub in it. Yet to try.

Biocare Papaya Gel

INR 200 for 500 ml

Got this to use as body moisturizer in summer. Generally I can't tolerate any cream on my skin in the hotter months. Hoping to change that this year with this light weight gel.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub

INR 240 for 100 gm

Neutrogena products work beautifully on my skin. Can't wait to try this.

Vedic Line Papaya Bio Gel Serum

INR 200 for 65 ml

Was blown away by a number of positive reviews. Yet to try.

Nature's Essence Perfect Papaya Face Wash

INR 60 for 65 ml

I got this free with a facial kit. It's got a lovely smell & cleans without drying.

Vaadi Herbals Luxurious Saffron Soap

INR 38 for 75 gm

I bought a ton of Vaadi soaps last year. I have enough to last me a few years. Like this soap, just don't love it.

Banjara's Saffron Facial Kit

INR 175 for 90 gm

I mostly stick to Nature's Essence facial kits. Wanted to try Banjara facial kit from a long time. Will update with results soon.

Lotus Herbals Orange Lip Balm

INR 125 for 5 gm

This used to be my HG lip balm. I have bought & used so many that now I'm bored. This is the last Lotus lip balm in my stash.

Banjaras Papaya Water (NOT PICTURED)

INR 50 for 60 ml

Forgot to add this while taking pics. Just bought this because I was bored of plain old rose water.

That's my box for this month. Looking back, I seem to have only picked papaya & saffron products. What have you hauled?

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