Thursday, 4 February 2016

January Empties

Hi all, time for another empties post. After all these months of doing empties posts, I seem to have made a small dent in my skincare stash but sadly, my makeup isn't going anywhere. I've hit pan on my compact 2 months back but it refuses to die! Anyway, let's see what I managed to finish last month

Sunsilk Jasmine Black Shampoo Sachet

INR 1 for 5.5 ml

I used this while travelling & was scared that I would have 0 empties this month. So I carried it back with me. Yes, I'm officially insane. Love Sunsilk shampoos, especially yellow & black variants. Will continue to buy them forever-they agree with my hair.

KLF Cocosoft Handmade Coconut Soap

INR 45 for 75 gm

Another month, another handmade soap. Like this even though it smells nothing like coconut. The soap has a very rustic feel to it & I love it to bits. Definitely repurchasing.

Sure Women Anti- Perspirant Roll- on

INR 45 for 25 ml

Another favorite. I won't be buying for a while as I'm trying to finish a few perfumes this year.

Patanjali Crack Heal Cream

INR 60 for 50 gm

Good, non- sticky, intensive cream. The smell is its undoing though. Might buy again next winter.

2 Shampoos & 1 Body Wash from the hotel's stash- This stash is steadily getting smaller. I'll be happy if it's completely gone.

Discards of this month- targeting all old, gloopy nail polishes. Throwing away all of them either because they are separating or the shade has significantly changed.

Tips & Toes Tulip- Beautiful pale pink with lavender undertones

Tips & Toes Dandelion- Used to be a bright, lively coral. Somehow the colour has changed in the past few months

Streetwear Tangerine- Love this orange-red colour on my feet

Unbranded Pale blue colour - Really like this colour- it's a cross between blue & green

Unranded Lavender colour- Another nice spring colour.

My mascara is almost empty. I hope to add it to my empties list next month. That will be my first makeup empties. Fingers crossed. Have you ever finished any makeup product?

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