Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Books This Week 13

Continuing with the fluff trend this week too. Simply unable to read regular books. Let's begin

The Power of Style- Bobbie Thomas

Another style book. The cover was so similar to Gretta Monahan's book that I thought it was the same. She divides the book into 2 parts- 'Change Starts Within' & 'Bringing the Inside Out'. I like the fact that she concentrates more on the internal part- encouraging you to discover your worth. Only after we have worked on these issues we can move to the second part. She teaches about skin tone & the colour that best suits us, how clothes should fit & what is missing in our wardrobes. The last part is shopping for the new you. LOVE!

Style on a Shoestring- Andy Paige

Yeah I'm on a style & fashion reading spree. This has a lot of great tips like buying darker, jewel- toned coloured clothes instead of pastels to make your clothes look more expensive. Another tip I loved was getting your clothes altered to fit better. She also gives a calendar with when to shop for what clothes- sadly this is applicable to U.S. only. What slightly irked me was the overly chirpy tone with a lot of 'woohoo' thrown in. Overall a good read.

Beauty Confidential- Nadine Haobsh

The only reason I picked up this book was because of the author's back story which was almost movie-like. A young beauty editor has just landed her dream job but before she can join, she is outed as the anonymous author of a tell all beauty blog. Her job offer is obviously retracted but as her blog garners a lot of hits, it's resulted in this book. Fab story but fab book? Not so much. There is nothing new here. For a more riveting read head over to her blog "Jolie in NYC".

Any interesting reads off late?

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