Monday, 17 July 2017

May & June Empties

Hello all & welcome to yet another edition of empties. I've been doing a collective empties post for 2 months from sometime & I am thrilled with the number of empties generated. I even have a makeup empty which is not a mascara this time around! Let's get started

Biocare Papaya Gel

INR 200 for 500 ml

I bought this a long time ago to use as moisturizer during summer. Bad move as it smells very masculine & I totally hated it. Plus at 500 ml, it seemed like I just couldn't see the bottom of this huge jar. How proud am I on finishing this! Definitely no repurchase.

Aloe Veda Activated Charcoal Deep Pore Detox Face Wash (Sulphate Free)

INR 210 for 100 ml

I had bought this when I was going through a charcoal phase. It somehow lathers really well despite being sulphate free & the zesty lemon scent gives a boost of energy. I'm not too picky about face washes being SLS free- I mean they barely stay on your skin for 2 minutes- but if you are then definitely pick this.

Vedic Line Papaya Bio Gel Serum

INR 200 for 65 ml

Stellar product- it deserves a review of it's own. I like everything about it except for its scent. Definite repurchase.

Nature's Essence Bridal Glow Pack

INR 100 for 50 ml

I bought it simply because it had Rose written on it. I avoid buying clay based masks because I feel that I can simply DIY better ones in the comfort of my home. I did notice a subtle glow post usage but no repurchase.

Patanjali Amla Hair Oil

INR 40 for 100 ml

This has got to be the cheapest & thinnest oil I've ever used. I added equal amounts of coconut & castor oil to it because I just don't like using thin oils. Works well but nothing spectacular. No repurchase

Patanjali Divya Badam Rogan Almond Oil

INR 100 for 60 ml

My new favorite almond oil. Will be repurchasing soon.

Kamadhenu Laboratories Kumkumadi Oil

INR 100 for 10 ml

I doubt if this is Kumkumadi oil as it smells very strongly of turmeric. It even leaves a yellow tinge behind. No way in hell!

Sunsilk Shampoo Sachet

INR 3 for 7 ml

My go- to shampoo. I do feel the sachets are over- priced though.

One bottle of hotel shampoo

Finally, I've hit bottom on the hotel stash. Only have conditioners left now

Streax Perfumed Body Mist in Peach Love

INR 120 for 100 ml

The last of the 3 bottle set I had bought. Needless to say, my least favorite. Glad to see it gone, not repurchasing again

Khadi Henna & Thyme Hair Tonic

INR 310 for 210 ml

This did absolutely nothing for me. Somehow the more Khadi products I use the less impressed I am with them.

Vaadi Herbals Deep Pore Cleansing Milk

INR 155 for 350 ml

This cleanses very well & I simply love the lemongrass smell. Might repurchase again.

Biotique Bio Avocado Stress Relief Body Massage Oil

INR 135 for 200 ml

This smells kinda like eucalyptus oil & I didn't like it one bit. Took forever to finish.

Banjaras Papaya Water

INR 50 for 60 ml

Bought it because I was bored of using rose water. This smella like Rasna & was an instant turn- off for me. Struggled to finish it somehow

Balaji's Rose Petal Powder

INR 45 for 100 ml

Had bought a long while ago to DIY ubtans. Decent stuff.

Vaadi Herbals Lemongrass Scrub Soap

INR 38 for 75 gm

Pretty nice. One more to go

Vaadi Herbals Heavenly Lavender Soap

INR 38 for 75 gm

My favorite from Vaadi range & the last one of the lot. Will be repurchasing soon.

L'oreal Base Magique Primer

INR 1200 for 15 ml

My first & best primer. Might repurchase after I finish my current one. The price though is way too much.

Elle 18 Nail Pops Base Coat

INR 50 for 5 ml

Decent for the price. I just hate the bottle shape though - makes it difficult to get out the product.

Colorbar Lipgloss in Ripe Apple

INR 400

This used to be my go- to lipgloss for the longest time. Sadly I haven't used it in a long time & it's almost finished.

Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara

INR 250

Nothing great. Going back to my trusted Maybelline mascara

Unbranded Nail colour

Pretty cheap

Completely dried up.

Nabeel King of Rose EDT

Don't remember the price

God! I just couldn't stand the smell of this one - it reeks of alcohol. The pitfalls of shopping for perfume online.

Phew! I'm exhausted. Maybe will start posting monthly empties from next time.

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