Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Review of Hyalugel by Ethicare Remedies

Hi girls,  I've been meaning to review this product since a long time. The reason it was difficult to put words to my thoughts was because this gel has a split personality disorder. It behaves completely differently in summer & winter.

Early last year I decided to be more serious about anti- aging & start using acids. I zeroed in on Hyaluronic acid to begin with. While a lot of fancy ingredients come & go, I was truly impressed by the properties of Hyaluronic acid. 1teeny tiny gram of Hyaluronic acid can hold upto 6 litres of water! How awesome is that! I didn't want to buy any regular drugstore product with a token amount of the acid (generally less than 2%) and since I trust pharmaceutical products more, I bought Hyalugel by Ethicare Remedies.

INR 250 for 30 gm

Ingredients-  Aqua, Glycerin,  Hyaluronic Acid, Carbomer, Preservatives

Hyalugel comes in a regular tube packaging with an outer cardboard box. All the details regarding it are printed on both the tube & box. The tube has a hologram sticker to prevent tampering. It's a clear odourless, colourless gel which gets absorbed pretty fast.

First off, my skin background. I have oily facial skin which is getting drier since I hit 30. I started using this in summer as a night cream & within a week it had plumped up the 11 shaped frown lines on my forehead. I was ecstatic with the result & continued using everyday. My pores remained the same size though. I didn't notice anything extraordinary during the rest of the time.

Come winter, I continued using this as before. Except when I woke up my skin looked absolutely parched. I didn't know what had gone wrong. I started reading more about this stuff. Turns out, the product plumps up your skin by drawing moisture from the atmosphere. But in drier climates, where there is not much moisture in the atmosphere, it still tries to draw moisture from the very depths of your skin. Not a good thing. It's easy to remedy by layering on an emmolient cream on top. I've always scoffed at people using a separate neck cream, decolletage cream etc but that is exactly what I've had to do while using this product. Though my face has oily skin, my body has dry skin & that is why I had to layer on 2 different products- one for my face & one for my neck. (I knew laughing at the zillion step Korean skincare regime would come & bite me back in the ass!)

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with this gel. It plumps up your skin noticeably & doesn't cost a zillion bucks.


Utterly light weight, literally sinks into the skin

Plumps up your skin in a matter of days

Hydrating without being greasy

Absolutely no smell which is a boon if you have to layer multiple products (don't want to smell like a bouquet)

Does not break you out

Cost effective


Absolute pain to use in winters or for people with dry skin.

I think the positives far outweigh the negatives. If you are looking for a stellar anti- aging product, go for it blindly. It does work wonders.

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